Maintaining a Foundation in God

We have lost sight of our priorities. There are no truths apart from God’s truth. If you want freedom look to the Cross. If you need peace look to the cross. If you need justice look to the cross. God’s justice is perfect. If you need equality, look to the Cross, God made us in his image and of one blood. If you need strength look to the Cross and if you need salvation look to the Cross. The bedrock of every society is morality and religion; however, it requires a moral group of people. This country is the greatest in the world but has battled the evils of racism. We have made so much progress and cannot finish the fight by giving in to racism. We need to focus on creating opportunities for all but must do it without going back to judging others by race. This is immoral and conflicts with God’s message to love your neighbor as you do yourself.


The bedrock of every society is strong and stable families. We need men in the homes, we need to address high out-of-wedlock births. This is not a slight on our strong single mothers and I will work to help everyone regardless of their situation, however, the evidence is overwhelming that, in this never-ending discussion about privilege, that a two-parent household is the real privilege. They have higher incomes, lower dropout rates, and less involvement in crime than single parent households. We must incentivize and promote the nuclear family. I believe life is precious and abortion is decimating the family, the black family in particular. We can protect the women’s rights without promoting the killing of innocent babies.

  • The family is the first institution created by God and is the foundation of every society. Traditional marriage is the cornerstone of every family. Marriage promotes happiness. Families and individuals are best in making decisions about their children’s health, education, jobs, and welfare.
  • Today over forty percent of children are born outside of marriages. In black America, over seventy-five percent of children are born out of marriages.
  • Even though single parents work hard and many are successful, children raised by single parents are five times likely to live in poverty. Almost, forty percent of children in CD2 live in poverty. 21.6 percent of Single-parent households in CD2 live in poverty while only 5.1 of children in married households live in poverty.
  • Black married couples tend to outearn white married couples, about twenty-nine percent of blacks are married. Poverty among black married couples is about seven percent nationally.
  • Marriage is an essential tool against poverty and potentially reduces poverty by as much as 80 percent. We need to eliminate penalties for marriages in welfare programs.
  • Welfare is not a one-way street, recipients who can work should work. A gradual phasing of benefits over a three-five year period should be implemented. Those who stay married should be rewarded and every additional child born in marriage after moving off welfare should receive a bonus towards education and about $5000.00 to help with family expenses.
  • The welfare reform law in the 1990s that require those receiving welfare to work has been successful in reducing poverty
  • We should support those who need help, but we expect those who are able-bodied to work in exchange for benefits. If you cannot find work we expect you to volunteer in community programs and supervised jobs training programs.


Education is the best hope for many to get out of poverty, but our public schools are failing. Now, this failure is being compounded by a hyper focus on race and gender. Instead of bolstering reading comprehension or teaching STEM like the elite private schools, our kids are having white privilege and LGBTQ issues drilled into them. In a time when equality is such a strong focus, why would we allow our children to be given an inferior curriculum to that of the children of wealthy parents when education is the only true way to level the playing field?

Education Plan.

  • An Education After school programs could be:
    Academic/college prep Art/music/dance History/world geography Trades (carpentry/electrical/plumbing, etc.)
  • $3600 per student per year to pick any after school program. Paid for by donation that is counted as 100% tax credit.
  • Qualifications: all kids between 6 and 17, living in zip codes where the median income is 35% of national median income ($40259.00). Or the median income of our district, which is $44,124.00.


We are told that what our community needs is jobs. This is a fallacy, or at least starting at a higher rung on the ladder. What we need is skills. All the job openings in the world will not matter if we are not armed with the skills to do the job. We need a laser focus on skills. The trades are being ignored at a time when there is a shortage of carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and so on. Where is our computer hub teaching coding and soft skills? Where are our mentors and our management programs? We need to go back to the basics and teach the importance of hard work and delayed gratification before we can focus on jobs.


There has been a lot of focus on policing recently. Those we give these powers to must be held to a higher standard and bad cops need to be removed, however, this focus on police takes away from our real problem. Criminals hurt law-abiding citizens and are an economic drain on the community. Investors are reluctant to build in high crime areas and this limits the opportunities of those in need. We need to prioritize crime. I do not want offenders treated differently based on race, nor do I feel non-violent offenders should get harsh sentences, however, something must be done about violent criminals terrorizing citizens. Shootings and violent assaults have been on the rise and they are not being committed by law enforcement. A healthy, prosperous community must first be a safe community.


Life is precious and should be protected at inception. I believe we do not get to play God as to who should live or who should die. Slavery was a horrible institution, a human depravity, some women were raped and yet still they brought forth the life of those children. Had they not done that, we would have lost many great persons and whole bloodlines would have been wiped out. Many people would not be here today.


As an immigrant to America, I share a deep concern for the undocumented. They have families to care for and because of this, I propose to give the undocumented migrant workers status which would allow them for 15 years to care for their families. After which they should be granted the ability to seek residency. This would deal with those who are already here and have created deep roots and strong family ties. It is important to be able to allow them to legally contribute to our economy without being a burden to our citizens. Many are hard-working and just want an opportunity to earn an honest living.

It is also important to give foreign students opportunities to stay in America with a merit-based visa system. Immigrants coming to America want to be safe as many have fled horrible and dangerous conditions and we must be cognizant of that, we can only have a safe America if we have strong border security as we cannot allow the forces many have fled to walk into our country and do untold damages.

Pro-Second Ammendment

As a people we have unalienable rights, the right to protect our person using force, sometimes deadly force. This is natural, and instinctive and as such I wholeheartedly support the Second Amendment. Those in crime-ridden areas deserve the right to protect themselves from criminals. The second amendment also protects the people from government tyranny.