Claston A. Bernard for Congress

I have been on our streets. I have seen how our community lives. I have thought about the struggling families trapped in poverty. They deserve better. Government programs, no matter how well-intentioned, cannot lift them out of it. More needs to be done. Our success can only be measured by how well the least of us live. By that measure, we have failed as a society. Our district is one of the poorest in the country, ranked 432 out of the 435 Congressional districts, with a poverty rate among blacks at 27.2 percent (the national rate is 14.3 percent). We must do better.

To make real change, we must act together, immediately. We must empower people to take ownership of their paths to success when giving them the road map. Those suffering from generational poverty or lacking the skills necessary to compete cannot achieve their full potential without the help of the community. We, the entrepreneurs, business leaders, professionals, elected officials, neighbors, and friends are the pillars that comprise the community and the group on which these individuals should look for support. I know that together we can improve the lives of our neighbors and friends who have lost hope and create a district I would be proud to leave to my daughters. I ask you to join me in my quest to rebuild the district. The Green new deal is a path to slavery. It is time to vote values not color. Your achievements are not a privilege.